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Company Information/Sustainability

- Ranked first by the Canadian environmental organization Canopy
Planet Society - Re-confirmation of Lenzing's leadership role in the
field of sustainability - Acknowledgment of the innovative strength
of Lenzing's new TENCEL® fiber from recycled cotton waste

Lenzing - The Lenzing Group was rated number one globally with
respect to the procurement of wood, the key raw material in cellulose
fiber production. This was the conclusion of the latest global
ranking compiled by the Canadian non-profit environmental
organization Canopy Planet Society, who cooperates with 68 leading
retail brands in the textile industry worldwide and is a driver in
evaluating sustainable sourcing processes. Achieving the leading
position in this ranking is another major recognition of Lenzing's
sustainability leadership that is documented by numerous prizes,
labels and certifications.(1) In its Report(2), Canopy assessed the
performance on forest conservation and wood sourcing practices of the
major players of the cellulose fiber industry. It also commended
Lenzing for its new TENCEL® fiber, which uses cotton fabric waste as
an alternative source of raw material.

"We are proud of this ranking, and see it as further evidence of the
leadership role played by the Lenzing Group in the field of
sustainability. The origin of the wood, the most important material,
is the decisive factor for us at the beginning of the production
process", says Robert van de Kerkhof, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
of the Lenzing Group, in commenting on the ranking. "Lenzing is
continually striving to improve all its processes as well as its
procurement guidelines. Lenzing will also continue to intensively
provide support to the roadmap specified by Canopy as a means of
preserving and protecting global forests. This is because
sustainability is a core element of our business model", he adds.

Responsible sourcing combined with environmentally compatible

Lenzing has been focusing on optimizing the sourcing of the renewable
raw material wood for more than 20 years in accordance with the
principle of sustainability. The company mainly relies on the Forest
Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification system whenever possible.
In Europe with its strict forest regulations, Lenzing also makes use
of the PEFC™ program as a means of demonstrating its sustainable
procurement activities. Close to 100 percent of the wood and pulp
used by the Lenzing Group is already certified by FSC® or PEFC™ or is
controlled in line with these standards.(3)

The combination of high wood and pulp procurement standards with best
practice process technologies reflects the sustainability leadership
of the Lenzing Group. Both the production of Lenzing Viscose® fibers
and the wide range of specialties, such as the TENCEL® fiber and
Lenzing Modal®, are produced using high environmental standards and
highly resource-efficient closed loop processes.

Lenzing has been working steadily on the further improvement and
environmental responsibility of its production processes. In this
regard, Lenzing relies on the principle of closed loop production as
well as the complete use of the raw material wood in its
"biorefinery". R&D expenditures of the Lenzing Group, which are
already significantly higher than the industry average, were further
increased in the current 2016 financial year to enable the company to
press ahead with the development of new, ecologically-driven

Lenzing also a leader in alternative raw materials thanks to the new
TENCEL® fiber from recycled cotton waste

Another criterion serving as the basis for Lenzing's number one
global ranking was its performance in the field of alternative raw
material sources. Lenzing once again demonstrated its leadership in
sustainable fiber industry innovations by developing the new TENCEL®
fiber on the basis of cotton fabric waste. This groundbreaking
innovation links pioneering work in textile recycling with the
environmental award-winning closed loop fiber technology of TENCEL®.

With this innovation Lenzing underpins its core value sustainabilty
as a key business driver. It paves the way to solutions for the
textile industry's pressing issue of more than 150 bn garments
produced and partly disposed of every year.

___________ (1) http://www.lenzing.com/en/responsibility/awards.html
(2) http://canopyplanet.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/The-Hot-Button
-Issue-The-CanopyStyle-Report-2016.pdf (3) Lenzing reserves itself
the right to use and investigate small amounts of raw material that
is submitted to a due diligence procedure largely following FSC®
guidelines but may not yet be fully certified.

Further inquiry note:
Lenzing AG
Mag. Waltraud Kaserer
Vice President Corporate Communications & Investor Relations
Tel.: +43 (0) 7672 701-2713

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