Tandberg Data continues to expand its position as manufacturer of LTO tape drives/Tandberg Bakstor SafeSite/Tandberg 220LTO

Geschrieben am 07-03-2006

Dortmund (ots) -

- Tandberg Data continues to expand its position as manufacturer
of LTO tape drives

- Automated disk backup and disk-to-disk-to-tape for small and
medium sized companies

At the centre of this year's exhibition display by Tandberg Data
is - apart from the LTO tape drive technology - an intelligent disk
backup for small and medium sized companies on the basis of Bakstor,
which is the ideal base for extending to an automated
disk-to-disk-to-tape solution when combined with a storage loader
such as the StorageLoader LTO2 for example. With their flexibly
configurable modules of the Solution Suite, the hard-disk-based
Bakstor appliances simplify and accelerate backup and restoration
processes by a large factor compared with purely tape-based
solutions. Storage specialist Tandberg Data presents the LTO1 drive
Tandberg 220LTO in half-high construction as a first at the
exhibition. It is based on the successful LTO drive Tandberg 420LTO
and offers an economical entrance into the LTO tape drive technology.

Participating exhibitors at the Tandberg Data stand are Imation,
IBM and TDK on the one hand, and on the other hand SNE (Storage and
Network Equipment) as value-add distributor as well as Computer &
Competence and comnet, who are partners in the specialist trade and
will be showing their portfolio of solutions involving Tandberg Data

Since the early summer of 2005, when the Tandberg 420LTO and the
StorageLoader LTO2 (which is a development based on the 420LTO) were
introduced, Tandberg Data has been successful in establishing itself
as the fourth LTO producer in the market. Both the specialist trade
as well as leading server manufacturers such as IBM, Dell and Fujitsu
Siemens Computers and also Fujitsu (Japan) sell the Tandberg 420LTO.

In the context of its partner program, Tandberg Data has further
extended its on-site support for specialist trade partners at the
beginning of this year. Channel sales managers with many years of IT
experience actively contribute their know-how in end customer
projects, customer events and presentations as well as sales training
events, and thus strengthen the resources of their partners. In
addition, they offer, together with the colleagues from pre-sales and
internal distribution, comprehensive support for tenders and concept
submissions, intensive product training and free-of-charge loans of
equipment. "With the all-round support, which includes the provision
of qualified leads, amongst other services, we pursue two important
aims. On the one hand we help the specialist trade to successfully
offer our storage solutions - in particular tape automation as well
as the more complex D2D2T solutions - and to generate sales. On the
other hand we provide the best possible advice and first-class
service to the end customer by bundling our competences", says Frank
Roszyk, Managing Director of Tandberg Data GmbH and General Manager
CEE, explaining the mutually beneficial concept.

Tandberg Data extends Bakstor solution suite by SafeSite
Making the decentralised data backup and data recovery process easy

Bakstor SafeSite is an advanced, reliable and at the same time
economical data backup and recovery solution for companies with
offices in several locations, offered by Tandberg Data. It is based
on the Bakstor appliances, which have been designed for automatic
disk backup.

The data in a branch office are backed up and quickly recovered by
a Bakstor system that has been installed on site. This will
automatically and at predetermined intervals transfer the data with
the help of SafeSite via ADSL or company WAN to a matching Bakstor
unit at the central location. This achieves centralisation of the
management and control of the data backup processes. The advantages
are obvious: the branch offices do not have to carry out the regular
backups, the administration is simplified and the backup organisation
becomes more transparent, which ultimately enhances the safety and
availability of the decentralised stocks of data.

As the latest tool of the Bakstor solution suite, SafeSite can be
used together with the SingleStep, SecureCopy and CheckPoint modules.
Bakstor SingleStep automates the disk-to-disk-to-tape process to a
downstream tape changing system (Autoloader or Library) without
putting an extra load on the backup server, Bakstor SecureCopy offers
the same functionality plus the encryption of data when writing to
tape, which gives additional data protection in the case of theft or
unauthorised use of the media. CheckPoint makes it possible, with the
help of Snapshots, to backup several versions of individual files or
whole folders on Bakstor systems. This usually makes it possible to
recover lost files directly from the local disk
system within seconds.

The combination of the classic tape backup with the more modern
disk-to-disk backup in the Bakstor appliances accelerates the
restoration process by a large factor compared to purely tape-based
solutions. The entry-level model Bakstor 1000 is designed for the
data quantities of smaller companies and branch offices and offers a
storage capacity of 1 or 1.6 TB, based on S-ATA hard disks. Bakstor
2000 meets the storage requirements of medium-sized companies. With
RAID 5 its net capacity can be flexibly extended from 1.2 TB to over
25 TB.

Bakstor is certified for the Microsoft iSCSI initiator and is
supported by common backup software solutions. A Unix-based kernel is
used as operating system and RAID 5, 0, 1 and virtual tape technology
is included in the standard package. The appliances can be operated
by browser, via the central GUI. Tandberg Data offers the Bakstor
systems as stand-alone solution or for disk-to-disk-to-tape in
combination with its automation solutions, e. g. with the
StorageLoader LTO2.

You can find out more about Bakstor by visiting www.tandberg.com
or by ringing 00800 TANDBERG free of charge.

Tandberg 220LTO
The ideal entry-level machine to start using LTO tape drive

The Tandberg 220LTO is the new entry-level drive with LTO high-end
technology introduced by storage specialist Tandberg Data. The
half-high LTO1 drive is fully compatible with the LTO standard and
stores up to 100/200 GB of data (native/compressed) with a maximum
speed of 16/32 MB per second on one cartridge. The new drive was
modelled on the successful 420LTO drive by Tandberg Data. The 220LTO
meets the same high quality standards as its big brother and features
all the same advantages, such as compact dimensions, low electricity
consumption (less than 18 W) and hence low heat output, as well as an
Ultra-160-SCSI connection and soon also an SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)
connection. Only the price is that of an entry-level
machine(recommended retail price from 850 Euro plus VAT).

Due to its construction format and low heat output the 220LTO is
the obvious choice for building into PC and Rackmount servers. The
excellent service life expectation and operational reliability of the
unit is further enhanced by Tandberg Data's patented Airflow
technology, which makes it possible to operate the drive without a
fan. Additional protection against breakdown is provided by the
thermal sensor on the printed circuit board, which constantly
monitors the operating temperature. Further safety devices are the
intelligent head cleaning mechanism, which can be carried out
automatically if required, as well as the 'smart gripper', which
eliminates - once and for all - the familiar problem of faulty
cartridge loading processes. Another important safety tool is the
Media Management developed by Tandberg Data. It checks that media and
drive are functional and free from faults during all backup and
restoring processes. With the help of the so-called 'Tape Alerts',
the device automatically issues information about the condition of
the media and respective backup software in use.

In addition, customers benefit from the all-round service package
by Tandberg Data, consisting of three years guarantee with
free-of-charge replacement service up front in the first year as well
as free technical support by the storage specialists in the company's
headquarters in Dortmund. The 220LTO drive is available since the
middle of February via the specialist trade or the distribution

About Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of
professional information storage solutions. The company offers a
complete range of tape libraries, autoloaders and tape drives on the
basis of the linear tape technologies platforms LTO, SLR and DLT
tape, as well as storage software, media data and hard-disk-based
storage solutions. These solutions are marketed exclusively through
qualified resellers. In addition, Tandberg Data solutions are
supplied by leading server manufacturers such as IBM, Dell, Fujitsu
Siemens Computers and Fujitsu (Japan), based on OEM agreements.

The Hardware Compatibility List for Tandberg Data shows a broad
support for operating systems and storage software applications,
which ensures the use of its solutions in heterogeneous network
environments. All solutions are designed to meet the growing storage
requirements of small and medium-sized companies due to their
scalability, reliability and backwards compatibility. In this way
they ensure economic operation and long-term investment protection,
while Tandberg Data grant a guarantee for 3 years. The company offers
further services, such as advanced replacement as well as
on-site-maintenance through qualified resellers. In addition to
corporate offices in Oslo, Norway, Tandberg Data ASA has subsidiaries
in USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore, as
well as branch offices in Italy, India, and China (PRC) Thailand and
Brazil. Tandberg Data ASA is a publicly held company based in Oslo,
Norway and is traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange (ticker=TAD).

Bakstor is a trademark of Tandberg Data ASA.
SLR is a trademark of Tandberg Data ASA.
DLT, DLTtape, DLT VS, SDLT and Super DLTtape are trademarks of
Quantum Corporation.
LTO is a trademark of HP, IBM and Quantum.
All other trademarks are the property of the respective owners.

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