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Hello. Can you help me, please?

Certainly Sir.

I want to go to India for 6 weeks and I´d like to find out some information about means of payment there.

Of course. Would you be so kind as to come over to my desk here? Take a seat please. What´s the purpose of your visit?

I want to improve my language in India.

How long are you staying in India?

I´m going to go for 3 months.

That sounds nice. We have 3 different types of payment. You can pay by credit card, travellers cheques and by maestro card.

I´ve heard that all these means of payment are very expensive.

That´s quite incorrect. It´s cheaper if you use traveller´s cheques for getting cash and your credit card for paying for goods in shops. In addition

you can use your maestro card for withdrawing money from the ATM. If you use

your credit card for getting cash it will be very expensive for you.

To be honest, I would prefer cash. I don´t have to look for any banks to get money or if a card is stolen I must pay for the damage which other

people have caused.

That´s not the way I see it. If you lose your money, it´s gone for good.

But if you use travellers cheques or credit cards you´ll be insured against

loss, theft and misuse.

What´s the differnce between using a credit card and travellers cheques?

When you want to make a payment by credit card all you have to do is show your card.

The retailer fills in the details of your card on a form. But when you want to make a payment

by travellers cheque then we can issue different denominations. After receiving

your cheques you have to do the first signature in front of us.

In shops or hotels you only show your passport and countersign

the cheques in the presence of the payee.

Can I get cash in abroad by travellers cheques?

Yes, in most banks you can change them into cash.

OK, fine Mr X, you have convinced me. I`ll take 20 travellers cheque

for USD50 and you can order me a credit card, too.

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