Types of cheques

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Types of cheques

1) a crossed cheque Verrechnungscheck
May only be credited to an account
Cannot be cashed normally
Safer than an open cheque
To cross a cheque- Einen Scheck zur Verrechnung ausstellen

2) an open cheque Barscheck
May be cashed at the drawee by the person who presents it
Therefore less safe

3) an order cheque Orderscheck
You transfer the rights to a new recipient by endordement( Indossamet) to endorse ( indossieren)

4) a bearer cheque – Überbringer / Inhaberscheck
Can be passed on to another person without an endorsement
Anyone who holds it is authoruzed to receive the sum

Sum used verbs with cheques-( checks AE)
To issne / to make out Scheck ausstellen
To cross zur verrechnung ausstellen
To clear Banktechnische Verrechnung – verrechnen – einlösen
To sign unterschreiben
To draw a cheque on a bank den Scheck auf eine Bank beziehen
Drawee bezogene Bank
To endorse indossieren
To cash Barscheck (Geld bekommen)
To honours wenn alles ok Bank geprüft – eingelöst warden
To stop( have it stopped sperren / sperren lassen
Cheques can be covered / S´können gedeckt/ nicht gedeckt sein
/ not covered

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