Boehringer Ingelheim: Unfounded Fear of Addiction Prevents Laxative Use

Geschrieben am 25-10-2006

Berlin, Germany (ots/PRNewswire) -

- Global Survey Highlights Misunderstandings About Causes and
Treatment of Constipation

- Not for use or publication in the USA

Many people with constipation are confused about the cause of
their condition and its appropriate treatment with laxatives. Results
of a new large-scale global survey, announced today, show that many
people wrongly fear that laxatives are addictive and that their use
for long periods of time actually causes constipation.(1,2)

One of the authors of the study, Professor Muller-Lissner said,
"Constipation sufferers should be reassured that they will not become
dependent on laxatives. Clinical studies and extensive experience
show that laxatives, such as bisacodyl and sodium picosulphate, are
not addictive and can be trusted as safe and effective treatments."

Dr. Stuart Ferguson, an addiction specialist, added, "Addiction to
a medicine can only happen when it affects the brain - this is the
case with nicotine and alcohol. Dulcolax(R), however, does not affect
the brain and therefore cannot be addictive."

The survey of 1,400 people in seven countries also found that 90%
of people with constipation consider nutrition and stress to be the
most common cause of constipation.(1,2) A recently published review,
however, contradicts such beliefs and reports that diet and lifestyle
should not be assumed to be the major cause of constipation.(3)

Despite these misunderstandings, more than 30% of those surveyed
believe that laxatives, such as Dulcolax(R), are effective and can
help to relieve their condition.

"The findings show that people recognise laxatives can help them
but that they are not using them because of fears of addiction and
confusion about the condition" commented Professor Muller-Lissner. He
continued "As healthcare professionals, we need to provide suffers
with the right information so that they can stop worrying
unnecessarily and use the best remedies available."

Claire Shiells from London, UK is a patient who confidently uses
laxatives. "I used to spend days feeling uncomfortable and bloated,
which was affecting my performance at work and my home life.
Dulcolax(R) has helped me to lead a normal life without having to
constantly worry about my bowels. I'm confident that it can help
others like it has helped me."

Notes to Editors

Dulcolax(R) (bisacodyl and sodium picosulphate)

Dulcolax(R) (bisacodyl and sodium picosulphate) is a safe(4-9) and
effective contact laxative available worldwide for the gentle yet
effective treatment of constipation(5-12) even over the
long-term.(13) The active ingredients in Dulcolax(R) act only where
they are needed, in the colon,(4-5,14-27) and stimulate the natural
movements of the bowels to alleviate the symptoms of constipation.

Epidemiology Survey

The survey was conducted in seven countries across four
continents, with at least 200 one-to-one interviews with frequent
sufferers carried out in each country. The results give a unique
insight into these sufferer's beliefs and habits and draw attention
to the fact that people are continuing to be influenced by myths.

United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW)

The United European Gastroenterology Week (UEGW) is organised
annually and has a balanced programme which includes a range of
symposia on clinical updates, the best of European gastrointestinal
and liver science and some training opportunities for established and
nascent gastroenterologists. For more information on UEGW, visit

Boehringer Ingelheim

The Boehringer Ingelheim group is one of the world's 20 leading
pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, it
operates globally with 143 affiliates in 47 countries and almost
37,500 employees. Since it was founded in 1885, the family-owned
company has been committed to researching, developing, manufacturing
and marketing novel products of high therapeutic value for human and
veterinary medicine.

In 2005, Boehringer Ingelheim posted net sales of 9.5 billion euro
while spending almost one fifth of net sales in its largest business
segment Prescription Medicines on research and development.

The Consumer Health Care business is one of the core businesses of
the Boehringer Ingelheim Corporation and strives to serve customers
worldwide with top-quality pharmaceuticals for self-medication and is
widely known for its products such as: Pharmaton(R), Dulcolax(R),
Bisolvon(R), Mucosolvan(R), Buscopan(R), Antistax(R) and

Boehringer Ingelheim Consumer Healthcare is ranked the 8th largest
supplier of self-medication products. For more information, visit

For any further information, please contact:
Ute E. Schmidt
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH,
55216 Ingelheim, Germany
Tel. +49-(0)-6132-77-97296
Fax +49-(0)-6132-77-6601


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Contact: Ute E. Schmidt, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, 55216 Ingelheim,
Germany, Tel. +49-(0)-6132-77-97296, Fax +49-(0)-6132-77-6601


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